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Updated: Jan 16

Complete with Christmas trees, decorations and festive fun, Hamish and Lauren were married just a couple of days before Christmas at Grand Hotel Tynemouth.

Winter weddings are always a gamble with the weather but at such a fine venue even if you can't get outside there are still plenty of great photo opportunities. On this occasion there was no such worry as the weather may have been cold but that didn't stop us getting outside and making the most of the day.

Tom Hibberd Photography is one of the few recommended wedding photographers for Grand Hotel Tynemouth and every wedding I shoot here is always such a privilege and special occasion.

From the moment I met the bride and groom I knew this was going to be a fun and memorable wedding. The day started with the bridal preparations at Lauren's mum's house where everyone was relaxed, happy and already having fun. Lauren was excited about her dad turning up to see her and couldn't wait to see the look on his face as he saw her for the first time dressed in her stunning wedding dress.

So, with the theme of relaxed, fun and enjoyment clearly starting to develop I rushed off to the hotel to meet with the groom and the rest of the guests. The wedding ceremony was fantastic, the love and happiness was so obvious for all to see and unashamedly I got a little bit emotional myself....I love weddings!!

If ever there was a proud Dad moment then this picture says it all!

With the formalities done, it was time for the confetti, a few quick formal shots and a very short walk down to the beach for some great romantic, loving and fun creativity.

I hope you can start to see how much fun was being had at this wedding. The job of the photographer is always made so much easier when people are enjoying themselves, relaxed and at ease in front of the camera, these two surely knew how to do all of the above!

From the beach it was back to the Grand Hotel for the speeches, food and maybe a drink or two!

A few more fun pictures on the fabulous staircase inside Grand Hotel which can be used for formal, creative and fun memories. Some of my top ten wedding photography pictures are taken at this location, one of my favourites!

With the daytime wedding celebrations coming to an end it was time to start the night time festivities which included sparklers bubbles and lots of dancing. Some of my best pictures are taken in the evening when people are more relaxed and I just love the lighting and ambience set of a crowded dance floor, live music courtesy of the fabulous Tiny Afro and the guests just having fun!

What a fantastic day was had by all and that includes me! If you would like to see more of their wedding gallery they are available here. Tom Hibberd Photography would be delighted to capture your wedding and can be contacted here.

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