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Are you insured? 


Yes. I have full public liability and indemnity insurance cover.

What happens if you can't make it on the day?

   In the very unlikely event that I can not make the event (never happened yet!) then I have a bank of similar (if not better) photographers that I would call on to cover at no extra cost to you.

What about equipment failure?

All of my gear is professional equipment, I carry at least two of everything, two cameras, two lenses of each focal length in fact I carry more gear than I ever need!


When will I get my images?


I stipulate within 6 weeks, this can sometimes be longer in busy periods, but I do my best to get them done as quickly as possible and this is usually within 1-2 weeks.

What is the booking procedure?

I require a £100 deposit to secure the date, I also send you a contract to confirm and agree the details. I then require half of the remaining balance one month before the wedding and the remainder when you receive your images. You can contact me here or direct at or by tel 07817 390534 .

Will you 'photoshop' me, maybe take off a few pounds?

The short answer is no, I won't. I believe in body positivity and I photograph real people and real love. Your partner wants to marry you for who you are, you are who they want to spend the rest of their life with, not a transformed version of you. I have a simple policy where, I will remove anything that wasn’t there two weeks ago, or won’t be there in two weeks time, such as a spot for example. When you get your wedding photographs back I want you to see the person you fell in love with standing next to you in your photos, and be able to look back in years to come and remember the day for what it was and not some 'photoshopped' fake collection.

Do I need to feed you?

Being fed is always a nice bonus but I am also aware that some venues charge the same price for the 'officiants' as they do the guests and I would not want you to feel obliged to have pay this for me. I am happy to bring along my own food and perhaps grab a snack from the night time buffet!!??

Can we put our photos on facebook?

Definitely!  I provide you with web ready images formatted for social media, and, phone ready images for mobile phone use.

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