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Quirky Wedding at The Planetarium, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

This wedding was booked nearly two years in advance and so we all had plenty of time for planning! I met Michelle and Simon a few weeks before their wedding day to go through the finer details of the day. I always try hard to do this as it gives us all a chance to ask lots of questions and I get to know a little about the couple, their expectations and start to build a bit of a rapport, which often ends up being a friendship!! Typical of many brides Michelle was quick to point out that she hated having her picture taken, well we soon changed that and by the end of the wedding day she couldn't get enough of the camera!

Wedding at The Planetarium Newcastle, centre for life

I labeled this as a 'quirky' wedding because as you can see the ceremony took place in The Planetarium exhibition at The Centre For Life, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Any photographer would instantly take a step back and gasp at the thought of capturing a wedding in such a dark venue, and it was DARK! I never like using flash lighting during the wedding ceremony as I am always fearful of the distraction it causes and the annoyance to the wedding guests. So yes, I was a little anxious as to how I would manage to photograph this wedding and produce images that the bride and groom would be proud of! I use Canon 5d MKIV cameras with a host of lenses stopping down to f1.8 but even these were going to struggle in such low light! I arranged a meeting with the venue and popped along to see first hand how dark the room was and to my surprise it was very dark and very intimate! Should I have been worried or anxious, yes of course because that keeps you on your toes and avoids complacency!! The day went brilliantly and was so unique in many ways. The staff at The Centre For Life were fantastic and did all they could to assist with the smooth running of the wedding, liaising with myself, the bride and groom and all the other parties involved in making this a memorable day. The wedding service was tearful, fun and 'quirky'! the setting of the Planetarium gave me an opportunity to catch some truly unique photos. We also got freedom of the Life Science area so grabbed the chance for some wedding photographs in the most diverse of settings before heading down to the iconic and picturesque Newcastle Quayside for the more traditional shots of the bride and groom. I had a great day, met some fab people, ate some very tasty food, and without hesitation would jump at the chance to photograph another wedding at such a fantastic and unique venue. The evening was finished off with a fantastic magician, live band, and plenty of dancing.

To see all their images from this fabulous quirky wedding click here

Tom Hibberd Photography had a great day at the wedding of Simon & Michelle and if this is the style of photography you like and are getting married in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, Northumberland, Durham or anywhere in the North East check out my packages and cheap prices and give me a shout.



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