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Married during Coronavirus CV19

The year of 2020 has been such a difficult and emotional turmoil for those planning a wedding, never sure if it's on or not, how many can attend, will they be wearing masks and so on goes the list of questions. The guidelines and rules have changed so many times and so often with such very short notice that most couples have just written off this year and are planning for 2021/22 and even 23!!

One couple who were faced with all these dilemma's was Abey Abraham and Kelly Pannikodu. Abey is from the Newcastle and Kelly is American. They both live and work in America but Abey still has his roots here. Their dream wedding was planned and due to be a large Indian wedding full the usual vibrant dancing, partying and celebrations but alas CV19 put pay to that so they had a very small and intimate wedding in Sunderland and then asked me to capture some post wedding photographs for them. Well, I hadn't had my camera out for a shoot in months so I jumped at the chance and we arranged to meet in the scenic and beautiful Jesmond Dene.

We were blessed with a hot sunny day which any photographer knows is great for the clients but for us is a nightmare for controlling harsh bright light!! We had an early start at 9am to beat the crowds and give us some quiet areas before they were flooded with visitors.

Kelly looked absolutely stunning in her Indian sari and fine jewelry and Abey in his matching tie and vibrant suit made for the perfect couple. I had so much fun moving across several locations at the Dene and capturing the love and happiness that they both radiated. Oh and I loved the dance on top of the bridge!

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