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Help and Advice Booking Weddings During Covid-19, What Do We Do Next?

So, here we go again! ‘WHAT ON EARTH DO WE ABOUT OUR WEDDING’?

At the end of 2020 we all hoped things would settle down and weddings booked for 2021 would be going ahead. Alas this is not so and many of my clients are now postponing once again and those that are still booked are no doubt very anxious about the likeliness of it being able to go ahead, and if it does, with how many guests? I do not have a crystal ball and the one thing we have all learned during this COVID-19 pandemic is how quickly things can change. I have listed below some tips and suggestions that may be of use and help you make any future decisions and plans for your wedding.

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Will the numbers allowed at weddings increase after March?

Who knows!!! As things stand the government are due to review the guidelines in March, before this lockdown the rules were a total of 15 guests, this included the marital couple but did not include the suppliers such as wedding photographers etc. Weddings could only take place in COVID-19 secure settings and a sit-down meal for those guests was permitted. As things stand, and this is only my best guess, hopefully by mid-summer we will be back up to 30 and possibly as many as 50 by late summer early autumn, as I said this is only my best guess! I so hope I am wrong, and the numbers are greater than this, but I cannot see it!