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Coronavirus and weddings: what are my rights?

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Coronavirus and weddings: what are my rights?

This is information that I have taken from the WHICH report and a link to the full report can be found at the end of this short report.

If you are concerned about the impact COVID-19 will have on your upcoming wedding, your first port of call is to speak to the venue and any suppliers you have agreements with to try and negotiate an agreeable way forward – for example agreeing a new date.

If your venue or supplier cancels: You will be entitled to get the money paid back for what has been cancelled. If you have wedding insurance speak to your provider and check the terms and conditions of your policy to determine exactly what is covered.

If you cancel or postpone: Speak to your venue and suppliers and try to agree a postponement to a later date. Also check the timelines in your venue and supplier’s cancellation policies - it could save you a lot of money to act sooner rather than later. If this isn't possible and you have to cancel, you could be on the hook for any fees already paid – especially if you've only given a short amount of notice.

By law, deposits can't be 'non-refundable'; if a company keeps your money ask for a breakdown of why it can't be refunded. Read more about this below.

We've spoken to 12 of the UK’s biggest wedding insurance providers about how coronavirus is affecting their policies, and what your rights are if your wedding gets cancelled. What does coronavirus mean for your wedding insurance?

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