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Are Wedding Albums a Worthy Investment?

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Why you SHOULD invest in a wedding album

Once your wedding day fun, laughter, tears of joy and party frolics are all over and the guests have gone, the wedding decorations have been taken down, the cake has been devoured and your wedding attire is quite probably a little worse for wear, all that is left of the day that you spent many months planning for are your memories. Your wedding day costs thousands of pounds, from the dress to the food, the venue hire, suits, food, drinks, decorations, photography, etc. After spending all this money, and the preparation you have endured for your wedding day celebration, then surely it makes sense to preserve and cherish your photographic memories in the best possible way so that you, your family and friends can enjoy them for many years to come.

Sadly, it is a fact that memories fade over time. Turning the pages of your wedding album will tell the story of your wedding day and bring those memories flooding back in all their splendour and glory. It will bring back the emotions and feelings of your wedding day, as you turn the pages and see the story unfolding right before your eyes. The look on your partner’s face as they watched you walk down the aisle, that first kiss, the cutting of the cake, right through to the first dance. A wedding album is the perfect way to be able to re-live your day and even bring back some of the magical moments you may have missed during the festivities! If you are still not convinced here is what others think.

wedding album leather bound full of wedding day pictures and photos

The everchanging technological world!!

A USB stick is great as it holds hundreds of your treasured memories, however, it is important to remember that most digital media moves forward and becomes obsolete in time. For example, DVD’s often corrupt at the 7-year mark, if they have not already become redundant by then! How many computers and laptops have a DVD drive anymore? If we consider the fast pace at which technology is advancing, who is to say that there will even be a USB port on any device in the near future?

A USB stick will often end up in a drawer, forgotten or hidden. When you do find it you then need access to your computer and have a good one so it can load up all of those High Resolution Files, or if you already have them stored on your computer you may have deleted them to get more space on your already full hard drive! The printed image should without doubt be your first form of preservation, after all printed photographs have lasted far longer than many an electronic representation!

They are far less likely to ever be lost, thrown away or corrupted!

wedding album

Your Wedding Album Is The Perfect Storybook

Looking through the pages of your wedding album, friends and family can enjoy the story of your wedding day. An album can be arranged to provide a complete view of your special day from the beginning to the end picking out the best of those really special moments you shared. Wedding albums are organised in chronological order taking you through the event from start to finish showcasing each special moment flawlessly!

wedding album

It Will Become A Family Heirloom

Your wedding album will stand the test of time, it will be of very high quality, and if you have hired a professional photographer they will have access to top quality suppliers that only provide albums to professional photographers. These suppliers will have years of experience and use labs that are colour correct and collaborated to that of your photographers chosen editing software and style, therefore giving you the best result. Because of this, the wedding album will be able to be passed onto your children and grandchildren. They will be able to see your wedding day and how you celebrated your love for each other. It will be a treasured possession for them as much as it was for you. A link to history and a way to tie the generations together.

You Won't Regret It!

I have yet to meet a couple that were disappointed about investing in their wedding album or hiring a professional photographer for that matter! However, I have had many couples come to me and express the sadness that their photographer did not offer them one or that they choose not to have one and did not place importance on it at the time. With your album, you can quickly show off your wedding photos and revisit your special day in a way that reflects the quality of the day and the importance of it. Many couples say that their wedding albums are a great way to revisit memories on their anniversaries or family get togethers. They also serve as a constant reminder of why you both decided to marry and proof of your love and commitment to each other.

If you are in the early stages of planning your wedding and searching for ways to preserve it, a wedding album is certainly the way to go. You didn’t cut corners on your day so don’t cut corners with your album, invest in the future happiness it will bring. Choose a package with the album from the start though, as if you leave it until after the event the chances are you will never get round to it and then regret not having one!

wedding album


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