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Update on coronavirus and your wedding photography booking..

I understand and appreciate any concerns caused by the coronavirus that my clients may be experiencing. I am also truly sympathetic to your understandable disappointment that after so much organisation and excitement this has occurred. Below is some advice for those who have already booked me as their wedding photographer, or for those who are in the process of finding and wanting to book a wedding photographer to conduct their wedding photography.

I have now had confirmation that all of my bookings for April and May have been cancelled by their venues. This is totally the right decision in protecting both you, your guests and the staff involved in putting together your wedding day. I am disappointed to learn that some venues have not been honouring a like for like new booking and have been making adjustments to the day of the week and package contents. This is really sad at a time when we should all be working together and not trying to capitalise!

Please do your very best to re book a date as quickly as possible to avoid venues, and myself, being already booked.

As your wedding photographer I will do everything I can to help alleviate your concerns…

I will do everything I can to provide you with wedding photography cover on your chosen alternative date. I will honour the agreed current price and work with you. In the unlikely event that the date you select to hold your wedding falls on a day that I am already booked, or otherwise engaged, then I will advise you of this at the earliest opportunity. In the very worst case scenario that I could not facilitate your new wedding date then I would retain only your deposit but nothing more, this means you lose £100 but I lose the remainder of your booking (the joys of self-employment!!)

Many of my weddings have already re booked to the months of September, October and November. During this time I will be very busy, which is great, but I have one small request of my usual editing and delivery time of 2-3 weeks will be significantly increased during this time. Whilst I can shoot the weddings during this time the editing is the bit behind the scenes that takes a long time. So please be understanding and patient, your images will be delivered as quick as I can but I will not compromise on quality over this busy period and it may be several weeks before I am able to finish them to my liking!

Should I fall ill or need to self-isolate because of the coronavirus then I will do the same as I would for any other illness or injury. I would invoke my current procedure for providing you with an alternate professional wedding photographer from my dedicated list of professional wedding photographers and if that failed I am part of a wedding photographers group who work together to provide emergency cover for weddings.

Lastly the best thing you can do is keep in touch with your venue and wedding service providers.



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