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How To Plan A Wedding On A Rainy Day

What If It Rains On Our Wedding Day?

Something I am often asked and in short, the honest answer is – “I will not let it ruin your day!”

Weather is unfortunately one thing we have absolutely no control over. Of course, no one wants rain on their Wedding Day, and I feel fortunate to have only had to deal with this situation on very few occasions. But should this be the case on your big day there are several things to remember and plans that you can put in place in advance of the wedding day.

wedding photograph eshott hall rain

Top 10 Tips for planning and making the most of rain on your wedding day.

1. Keep an emergency umbrella nearby, as an experienced wedding photographer I will always have at least one photo friendly umbrella available. Mine is a large plain white one so it does not create colour casts in your photos and looks good with anything. For a bright funky look multi-coloured or colour coordinated umbrellas can work great with bridal party wedding photographs. Amazon offer fast delivery for umbrellas and so could even be purchased at the last