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Wedding Photography at Jesmond Dene House

Set in the heart of Jesmond and with the Dene on it’s doorstep Jesmond Dene House has to be one of the best wedding venues in Newcastle.

Lindsay and James choose Jesmond Dene House for their wedding day and they choose me to capture their special day. About a month before their wedding I had a meeting with them where we discussed and went through the timetable of the day. I was delighted that there was a couple of hours between the end of the service and their wedding breakfast, I was even more delighted when they agreed that a walk through the beautiful woodland of Jesmond Dene would be a good idea.

Jesmond Dene is one of the most picturesque woodland parks in this area, with the river Ouseburn running through it there is a whole host of great photography backdrops and surroundings, including steppingstones across the river, wooded riverside walks, several beautiful ornate arched bridges over the river and then there’s the waterfall, the old mill, in fact there are just so many fantastic backdrops it’s a photographer’s paradise.

So back to Lindsay and James, the week before their wedding the temperature fell and their had been the odd snow flurry, the forecast for the day was set for snow turning to rain, but, as always this was changing by the minute!

The day came and we were lucky to still have sub-zero temperatures, snow covered ground and a severe frost covering the walls and surfaces. I had an hour to walk them through the Dene and capture their wedding. Equipped with big coats, boots and a sense of adventure and braveness to the Dene we did go, and it was worth every minute!!!

The rest of the day was equally spectacular with sparklers and Christmas decorations making the day even more special.

A huge thanks to both Lindsay and James for having faith in my vision of creating a winter wonderland for their wedding photos.