Useful Wedding Day Photography Tips

Updated: Mar 19

A wedding photographer captures images that tell the story of your wedding day as it happens, so don't forget that old saying 'the camera never lies!!'

Now keeping that in mind here are a few things you can do to help your wedding photographer capture your wedding day at it's best.

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Whether you’re getting ready at a stately home, a barn conversion, hotel, your house or your parents’, a decluttered environment makes for great photographs.

Think of somewhere to get a photo of your dress in all its glory. Four poster beds are brilliant for dress photographs. If you’re staying in a hotel, and your preparation room doesn’t have a four poster but you know of a room that does, put your parents in that room the night before and we can move the dress there for a quick photograph of it.

wedding photography newcastle northumberland wedding photographer

Aim to be ready in plenty of time before the ceremony, or before you or your photographer needs to leave for the ceremony. Rushing for the ceremony will leave you flustered and you won’t take in the first few moments of the big occasion. Being ready before gives you time to get photographs in your dress and with your bridesmaids.

wedding photograph the grand hotel Tynemouth by wedding photographer Tom Hibberd Photography

Guys, this is a button hole, despite its name, it doesn’t go through your button hole, it should be pinned to your left lapel a couple of inches below the button hole. Don’t stress about it, try your best and if you can’t get it right your photographer will be happy to put it right for you!

wedding photography newcastle northumberland wedding photographer