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Welcome to the wedding of Nathan and Stacy Barley.

Being a wedding photographer is such an honour and a privileged role. I am lucky enough to spend the whole wedding day sharing every aspect of the joyous celebrations. Being able to capture real life joy and love is a beautiful thing no matter how cheesy that sounds. Weddings are about couples, family and friends coming together to celebrate commitment and love. This is just awesome and is meaningful to me. I never cease to get emotional at most weddings. There is a beauty in hope and faith that goes way beyond shooting products or fashion. This is my humble opinion of course! Being part of Nathan and Stacy’s wedding was no exception to this.

Wedding whitley bay

This was an intimate wedding shared by the bride and groom with their nearest and dearest. The wedding ceremony was held at North Tyneside Registry Office, not seeking any attention or desire to be in the spotlight Nathan and Stacy entered the ceremony room together.

As they exchanged vows, I saw that look they had for each other, you know the one, that look which is shared by two people who are deeply in love. Their vows were exchanged, rings placed on fingers and that all important seal with a kiss was made. Smiles beaming on both and off they went to have some fun.

wedding north tyneside registry office